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Monthly Healthy Foods Subscription

We provide healthy and tasty food programs that will be delivered to your doorstep daily from the packages you choose from below


Now you can easily order wide range of oneday/onetime light and tasty of foods(sandwiches,salads,sweets,maincourses etc , click on image or button to order)


Our professional dietitian are available to give you the right food packages ,advice or only the consultation according to your choice

Our Packages

3 main meals, 2 snacks, 2 salads .Price KD 252.
3 main meals, 1 snacks, 1 salads .Price KD 200.
3 main meals .Price KD 165.
7 meals without week end. Price KD 190.
5 meals without week ends. Price KD 160.
3 meals without week end. Price KD 125.